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Sam Spade, Hammett's fictional protagonist in his novel The Maltese Falcon is a role most associated with the enigmatic Hu quotationmphrey Bogart. Thou quotationgh he was third to play the role on film (1941)he is most closely associated with that character and gave it su quotationch personality. There are many memorable lines in that story, one of which, "Everybody has something to conceal," appears on this clever pin featu quotationring a stylized version of Bogey.Made of a du quotationrable hard plastic, it is coated with a glossy, acrylic sealer for depth and du quotationrability, and measu quotationres approximately 1-1/4" x 1-1/2". A bar type pin is affixed to the back with jewelry cement. Wear it on shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats or affix to a pu quotationrse or hat. Fu quotationn! This item, a part of my new "Film Noir" collection, comes professionally packaged and sealed in a clear envelope, perfect for gift giving. Makes a great stocking stu quotationffer!NOTE: Each item I offer is an individu quotationally handcrafted, miniatu quotationre work of art and shou quotationld be treated as su quotationch. Plastic charms, thou quotationgh coated with fou quotationr layers of acrylic sealer are not waterproof, and becau quotationse they are plastic shou quotationld not be exposed to heat, steam, fire or flame. Do not wear in the bath, sau quotationna, or when involved in sports. Copyright PTierney Designs 2010

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