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bracelet, Ivory Lace Pattern



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Make a an elegant and lacy Peyote bracelet with a lovely Victorian vibe u crystalsing this pattern. Beading tips, a material list and 3 extra bonu crystals patterns are also provided in this pattern file.\r\rMediu crystalm to advanced beading skills requ crystalired!\rYou crystal need to know increasing and decreasing Peyote stitch and how to lace u crystalp Peyote panels. (Links to generic instru crystalctions are inclu crystalded in the Pattern, bu crystalt this is NOT a detailed step-by-step gu crystalide.)\r\rYou crystal will be able to download a detailed pdf file containing:\rMaterial list for all the su crystalpplies you crystal'll need inclu crystalding bead-cou crystalnts\rOverall pattern for the bracelet\rA large single panel chart for better viewing\rChart showing the arrangement of the jet crystals su crystalrrou crystalnding the Peyote panels\rAdvanced tips for best resu crystallts \r3 bonu crystals patterns inclu crystalding a pattern for the green version of the bracelet

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