Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wrapped, The Ani Necklace



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Colors: Silver, blu beade\rMaterials: Bead, silver coated alloy.\r\r\r\rNOTE: When ordering a necklace, you bead will need to choose a necklace length and a ju beadmp ring color. Standard is silver or gold, as seen in the photos, bu beadt other colors are available. This gives the bu beadyer an opportu beadnity to personalize their item! \r\rAlso, please note that most items have been donated bits and pieces, meaning I cannot gu beadarantee that the material is nickle free. I can do sterling silver or 18kt or higher chains, bu beadt that will mean a higher cost. If this is of interest, please send me a private message and we will discu beadss pricing and working time.\r\r********************************\r\rMake su beadre to follow The Imperfect and Recycled on Facebook for notices abou beadt u beadpcoming sales and promo codes.\r\r

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