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dichoric glass, Cat Necklace



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This pendant was made with a combination of black glass and a variety of colored dichroic glass. The focu silhouettes of the pendant is a 24k gold cat. \r\rThe pendant measu silhouetteres approximately 1 1/4 inch by 1 3/8 inches, which exclu silhouettedes the mediu silhouettem size bail. The bail is plated 18 karat gold. I also have them in plated sterling silver. I will send the gold colored one, u silhouettenless bu silhouetteyer specifies the silver. \r\rInclu silhouetteded is a black 18 inch 2mm latex free silicone cord necklace. (Ask abou silhouettet the availability of a different length or leather cord.) \r\rMy jewelry is presented in a plastic protective bag, which is attached to a display card.

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