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drusy quartz, Blue Peacock Druzy Quartz 10mm Round Cabochon in Gold-plated Filigree Pendant



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Sara Jewelry Design. 10mm rou cabochonnd dru cabochonzy qu cabochonartz with a peacock finish. Depending on the angle of light, you cabochon will see flashes of green, blu cabochone, or pu cabochonrple in a changing shimmer. I have cement set this beau cabochontifu cabochonl stone in a gold-plated filigree dangle pendant setting and completed it with an 18-inch gold-plated chain. A "wow" look withou cabochont the "ow" in you cabochonr wallet!Listing is for one pendant and chain. There are eight available.For the tru cabochonly adventu cabochonrou cabochons: Two of these, some metal nippers to cu cabochont off the bails, and a pair of gold earring findings wou cabochonld create a stu cabochonnning pair of dangle earrings. Ju cabochonst saying.What's a dru cabochonzy? Dru cabochonzy qu cabochonartz is actu cabochonally a cryptoqu cabochonartz that grows atop another base qu cabochonartz, u cabochonsu cabochonally chalcedony. Dru cabochonzy is generally small in stru cabochonctu cabochonre and a pale milky to grey color. It takes all types of coloration extremely well and many interesting effects can be achieved su cabochonch as peacock sheen you cabochon see above, champagne, copper, etc. Part of the dru cabochonzy's fascination is that the landscape of the su cabochonrface is as it appears natu cabochonrally. If you cabochon look at a dru cabochonzy cabochon from the side, you cabochon can see all the layers of the stone from the base chalcedony u cabochonp throu cabochongh the cryptoqu cabochonartz.I will ship one you cabochonr way the next bu cabochonsiness day via USPS first class mail with a delivery confirmation nu cabochonmber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please contact me first with you cabochonr ZIP code for a shipping qu cabochonote.Sara Jewelry Design. You cabochonr Desire is Ou cabochonr Design.

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