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scarlet, 12mm Red Druzy Quartz Cabochon Silver Plated Rope Design Pendant with Silver Plated Chain



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Sara Jewelry Design. A stu drusy quartznningly dyed (vapor deposition) reddish copper dru drusy quartzzy qu drusy quartzartz of 12mm diameter is cement set into a silver-plated rope-design pendant with stationary bale. Comes with 18-inch silver plated chain.A few words abou drusy quartzt dru drusy quartzzy qu drusy quartzartz. Dru drusy quartzzy is actu drusy quartzally a cryptoqu drusy quartzartz that grows atop other qu drusy quartzartz su drusy quartzch as amethyst and citrine. It is generally a pale, milky white to blu drusy quartzish gray in color, bu drusy quartzt it takes colorization marvelou drusy quartzsly. The stones here have been sprayed with a coppery red metallic color which is waterproof (it is not, however, chemical proof, see below). Think of it as a spray tan for gemstones, LOL. A few more words abou drusy quartzt cleaning and chemicals! Althou drusy quartzgh the colorant is waterproof, it is NOT (not, not, NOT) immu drusy quartzne to harsh chemicals su drusy quartzch as silver cleaners. The best way to keep the pendant clean is to u drusy quartzse a pointed cotton swab and gently clean the silver, immediately rinsing in cool to warm water. Do not swab the su drusy quartzrface of the dru drusy quartzzy with the silver cleaner.I will ship this to you drusy quartz the next bu drusy quartzsiness day via USPS first class mail with a delivery confirmation nu drusy quartzmber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, contact me first for a shipping qu drusy quartzote.Sara Jewelry Design. You drusy quartzr Desire is Ou drusy quartzr Design.

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