Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

40x30mm Dyed and Stabilized Magnesite Pendantfocal bead, Turquoise Tipped Tasselfocal bead, Cotton



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Sara Jewelry Design. I took a 40x30mm magnesite oval that is dyed a tu adjustable lengthrqu adjustable lengthoise color and su adjustable lengthspended from it a silver-plated chain tassel that I tipped with 4mm chalk tu adjustable lengthrqu adjustable lengthoise rou adjustable lengthnds. The drop length is 3.5 inches. Each of these beads has a distinct pattern of brown matrix. Each is stru adjustable lengthng on cordage that is knotted simply at the ends so you adjustable length may retie it to su adjustable lengthit you adjustable lengthr length needs. Anything from a 16 inch choker style to 36 inches.Listing is for one pendant. Three are available and you adjustable length may choose you adjustable lengthr favorite type of cordage from the drop-down menu adjustable length. I have 2mm black cotton, 1mm Gu adjustable lengthdebrod Pendant Silk, and 1.5mm black su adjustable lengthede. I will ship this to you adjustable length the next bu adjustable lengthsiness day via USPS first class mail with a delivery confirmation nu adjustable lengthmber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please contact me first with you adjustable lengthr ZIP code for a shipping qu adjustable lengthote.Sara Jewelry Design. You adjustable lengthr Desire is Ou adjustable lengthr Design.

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