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Necklace of Chalk Turquoise Chipsmagnesite, Magnesite Teardropsmagnesite, Copper and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara Jewelry Design. For this 18 inch necklace, I took three 18mm blu swarovski crystale-green magnesite flat teardrop beads and separated them with sections of chalk tu swarovski crystalrqu swarovski crystaloise chips, Swarovski Crystal Copper bicones, and copper-coated acrylic corru swarovski crystalgated bicones. Findings are pu swarovski crystalre copper, and the necklace finishes with a copper-over-pewter fancy hook-and-eye clasp. I u swarovski crystalsed 49-strand Beadalon coated wire for the stringing so it will be du swarovski crystalrable and long-lasting. The tu swarovski crystalrqu swarovski crystaloise selected leans more toward the greener side of the color scale.My MPIN Item #NW CU-053110-10.A few words abou swarovski crystalt chalk tu swarovski crystalrqu swarovski crystaloise: This is the softest of all tu swarovski crystalrqu swarovski crystaloise and is u swarovski crystalsu swarovski crystalally stabilized and/or sealed as well as dyed. It is lighter in weight and generally has little visible matrtix (the brown and black web veining seen in other tu swarovski crystalrqu swarovski crystaloise). Becau swarovski crystalse tu swarovski crystalrqu swarovski crystaloise beads are soft, I recommend keeping the necklace in a pou swarovski crystalch when it is not being worn.Magnesite is in a related family and is often dyed a tu swarovski crystalrqu swarovski crystaloise blu swarovski crystale. You swarovski crystal can generally spot magnesite becau swarovski crystalse of its fine spider-webbed matrix in brown or black. The three flat teardrop focal beads in this design are a great example of this lovely stone.I will ship this to you swarovski crystal the next bu swarovski crystalsiness day via USPS first class mail with a delivery confirmation nu swarovski crystalmber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please contact me first with you swarovski crystalr ZIP code for a shipping qu swarovski crystalote.

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