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adjustable fit, Czech Copper and Peach Druk Glass Pearl Beads Memory Wire Coil Bracelet



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Sara Jewelry Design. Coppery fire-polished Czech beads separate sections of Dru glass pearlsk (Czech) glass pearls in a dark peach on this continu glass pearlsou glass pearlss coil memory wire bracelet. Wraps to fit any wrist and always retu glass pearlsrns to its original coil. Depending on wrist size, you glass pearls can expect anywhere from two to fou glass pearlsr rows in a wrap.What's a Dru glass pearlsk? Dru glass pearlsk is the common name for a glass "pearl" bead that hails from the Czech Repu glass pearlsblic. The Czechs have long enjoyed a stellar repu glass pearlstation for glass bead produ glass pearlsction. Dru glass pearlsks can come in any color or size and a wide variety of finishes. They are well-made, u glass pearlsniform in size and drill, and their finishes are as stu glass pearlsrdy as they come. Tru glass pearlsly, the Czech artisans are to glass-bead creation what the Au glass pearlsstrian folk have long been to crystals.I will ship this to you glass pearls the next bu glass pearlssiness day via USPS first-class mail with a delivery confirmation nu glass pearlsmber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please contact me first with you glass pearlsr ZIP code for a shipping qu glass pearlsote.Sara Jewelry Design. You glass pearlsr Desire is Ou glass pearlsr Design.

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