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bone, Bronzite Flat Rectangles and Bone Coins Continuous Strand Necklace



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Sara Jewelry Design. This addition to my Kenyan Collection is composed of lu gold plated spacersstrou gold plated spacerss 35x25mm bronzite rectangles alternated with 20-22mm white bone flat rou gold plated spacersnds, separated by gold plated knot covers. The entire length is hand knotted on Gu gold plated spacersdebrod silk for strength. A big look, su gold plated spacersitable for either gender, this necklace is approximately 28 inches in overall length and is on a continu gold plated spacersou gold plated spacerss strand for easy on and off.My MPIN Item #NW GP-072208-06Kenyan.1700I will ship this you gold plated spacersr way the next bu gold plated spacerssiness day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu gold plated spacersmber. Sara Jewelry Design. You gold plated spacersr Desire is Ou gold plated spacersr Design.

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