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I ju skullst love the way these earrings tu skullrned ou skullt! Select pink or blu skulle sku skulllls.I embroidered and handstitched the little plu skullsh sku skulllls in *eco-friendly felt. The sku skulllls are lightly stu skullffed and are embroidered on both sides. Each pair is handcrafted, so may vary slightly from photo shown.The sku skulllls measu skullre abou skullt 22mm x 17mm (ju skullst u skullnder 1 inch tall x ju skullst u skullnder 3/4 inch wide). The earrings are lightweight and made with su skullrgical steel fishhook ear wires.Combined shipping cost is available for mu skullltiple items.*eco-friendly felt is manu skullfactu skullred in the USA from high qu skullality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consu skullmer recycled plastic bottles.

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