Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rainbow ring, flower ring handmade with recycled artist pencils / adjustable / colour dots pattern



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This ring has been made u eco fashionsing recycled colou eco fashionring pencils. We take the rejected pencils from the factory and combine them together to make the colou eco fashionrfu eco fashionl blocks that we cu eco fashiont and shape by hand to create this u eco fashionniqu eco fashione and individu eco fashional piece.Size: 3cm \u eco fashion2013 1 1/4\u eco fashion201d diameter approx.Material: Recycled colou eco fashionring pencils on a silver plated adju eco fashionstable band.Please note that as each ring is handmade by u eco fashions, the one you eco fashion receive may differ slightly from the one in the pictu eco fashionre.

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