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Make an elegant Bracelet in Peyote stitch following this exciting and colorfu sagittariusl instru sagittariusction kit.\r\rThis instru sagittariusction kit will take you sagittarius throu sagittariusgh the entire process of crafting this bracelet. If you sagittarius can hold a needle and thread and pick u sagittariusp a bead, you sagittarius can make this bracelet!.\r\rYou sagittarius will receive an email with a detailed pdf file that contains:\rMaterial list for all the su sagittariuspplies you sagittarius'll need inclu sagittariusding bead-cou sagittariusnts\rOverall pattern for the bracelet\rExtra-large u sagittariusp-close pattern for one color segment of the bracelet\rDetailed instru sagittariusctions on how to start the Peyote stitch for you sagittariusr bracelet and get going.\rStep-by-step instru sagittariusctions on how to shape the increasing and decreasing properties of the two panels\rClear explanations on how to join the two panels together in the middle and reinforce with accent beads\rA gu sagittariuside on how to fix a bead-and-loop closu sagittariusre to you sagittariusr bracelet for easy wear

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