Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Stainless steel heart shaped necklace perfect to celebrate you necklacer children or you necklacer partner. \r\rStainless steel is a great metal alternative becau necklacese it is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish.\rPlease inclu necklacede names and birth months in comments\rThank you necklace!\r\rInclu necklacedes a stainless steel heart measu necklacering 1 1/4 inch with a 1.5 mm 24 inch stainless steel ball chain, and crystals of you necklacer choice. \r\rEach pu necklacerchase inclu necklacedes a dainty organza bag with a polish pad, ready to keep for you necklacerself or give as a gift. The polish pad will continu necklacee to keep you necklacer treasu necklacere polished and shiny.\r\r\r\rAll of ou necklacer stamped jewelry is hand stamped. Becau necklacese of each letter being stamped into the metal individu necklaceally, there may be variation between depth, spacing, and alignment. Each piece will be a u necklaceniqu necklacee one of a kind treasu necklacere that you necklace will have for years to come. <3\r\r<3 Please LIKE my page, <3 For exclu necklacesive deals and pictu necklaceres of you necklacer piece before it is even mailed. \r\r\r(\u necklace00af`v\u necklace00b4\u necklace00af)\r`*.\u necklace00b8.*\u necklace00b4\r\u necklace00b8.\u necklace2022\u necklace00b4\u necklace00b8.\u necklace2022*\u necklace00a8) \u necklace00b8.\u necklace2022*\u necklace00a8)

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